A unique hospitality offering

Tailoring our bars to suit your event

Every event is unique, for us that’s our opportunity to step out of the norm and try something new. We offer a wide range of bars to match the required colour scheme & style of your event, be it a brand launch, team building exercise or client entertainment.

Our standard bar service, cocktail bars, specialist gin & rum bars and our prosecco parlour are all available to our corporate & hospitality clients, either as standalone features or in combination to create a unique experience for your guests.

Our corporate & hospitality bars are all about individuality and quality. Whether you’re launching a new brand or outlet, entertaining clients or thanking your staff, a unique customer experience is what we aim to deliver.

Standard bar, exceptional service

Our bars feature a wide selection of premium branded spirits & mixers, your choice of lager on tap, chilled Prosecco, bottled cider, bitter, craft ales & cocktails.

All bars are fully equipped with professional glassware, chiller cabinets & back bars as standard. Beyond the kit we judge ourselves by our staff; they’re polite, uniformed & ready to help.

Flexible payment structures

All bars are available on both a cash and pre-paid basis. For paid bars we charge a setup fee and a per person deposit prior to the event. Set up fees and deposits are dependent upon number of guests, venue access and location. Post the event any underspend versus the deposit is refunded. Individual drink prices are included in our respective bar menus.

Alternatively, we offer an all-inclusive service where we charge an upfront fee, beyond which there is no charge and unlimited drinking for a fixed time duration is secured. We also offer voucher systems and can organise subsidised bars, both these payment structures are popular with staff parties and conferences.

Licensing capabilities

Many of our bartenders are personal license holders, whilst within our team we carry experience in the application process for both Temporary Event Notices and premises licences.

Cash & cards accepted

We can accept cash and card payments as mobile chip & pin card terminals are available at our bars. Voucher systems are also available should you wish to gift drinks to certain guests or staff working on your event.

Environmental consideration

Recycling and energy saving are key considerations for our and critical to the way we run our business. Like many festival companies our goal is to ‘leave no trace’.

Health & Safety

At Oast House we can provide a planning service for your event, to ensure not only that things go according to plan but also so that your event complies with Health & Safety Legislation, Crowd Management & Fire Risk assessments, Noise Monitoring and Planning.