Peter Lynch 

Bar Manager / Director

Age (21 ish)

Hi I’m Peter, I’m a Bar manager and director at Oast House Mobile bars. I’m passionate about professional bartending and ensuring guests have the best possible experience at our events. For me, that means a focus on every detail of what we do and constantly looking to improve.

‘My best times are when the bar gets slammed, seeing our system work, everyone shifts up a gear and it’s under control, that’s my job done’





George Lynch

Back Bar

Age; 18

I’m George. I’m one of the back bar team at Oast House Mobile Bars. My challenge is to make sure the bartenders have what they need before they need it. A slow bar service can really affect the success of an event so everything behind the scenes has to be spot on.

‘No two bars are the same, it’s reading the crowd and the challenge of keeping pace with them that keeps me coming back’



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Back bar / Bartender

Age; 21

I’m Sam, I just started working for the guys in 2018 and love it. I’m a student so the hours are a great fit for me. Lifting kegs was backbreaking and is still a real challenge on busy bars, especially music festivals where the bars can be ten deep between acts. 

‘The teams likes a laugh but they really move up a gear when they need to, it’s good to be a part of that rather than just clocking in and out like other part time jobs.’








Age 20

I’m Annabelle, I’ve been bar tending for Oast House for two years now. As part of an event team we’re trained to support each other, this means we all get involved with collecting & washing glasses, stocking the bar and loading the van if need be. The system really pays off at the end of the night…no one gets left to clear up on their own.

‘DO NOT use that picture of me with the tamborine’



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James Allen 

Bar Manager
Age 26

I’d worked as a bar manager in a chain restaurant for five years and had really lost interest in the whole bar tending thing. I did a try out shift on an Oast House bar and haven’t looked back, they’ve got a different outlook. They’re a family company and want everyone to be part of a genuine team. 

‘As a bar manager It’s my job to know how hard the guys are working and make sure they get the recognition they deserve’





Head of Training / Senior Bar Tender

Age: 50 (+VAT)


I’ve been working behind bars for nearly fifty years now. I started out running my family’s pubs in South London in the 1960’s and despite going to university i could never face giving it up, it’s in my blood. The bar trade has changed massively in that time, standards have definitely improved as has the quality of staff being attracted to the industry.

‘We get so many more students these days it’s great to see, the guys are really keen and switched on, its a pleasure to train them’


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Bar Manager

Age: 29

I’ve been part of the Oast House team for a few years now and like how the guys operate. Unlike a lot of mobile bar companies they plan their events thoroughly in advance, from kegs to napkins its all been thought of. This is great for the bartenders as we’ve always got everything we need to do the job well.

‘Give me a job for when there’s nothing to do….’





Glass Collector

Age; 16

I’ve been glass collecting for two years and can honestly say its been crazy busy and fun. I’m the youngest on the team so the guys all look out for me which is nice. Weddings are my favourite events to work because there’s a family vibe and we always do a great job…plus the cake, there’s always cake.

‘I’m practising my cocktails and plan to be behind the bar as soon as I turn 18, see you there!’



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